"After a Hard Day's Work"
By Raymond D.

Patsy was a model with whom I had worked with for about a year. She was tall, about 5"10í, her legs were long and slender much like her whole body. Her hair was about shoulder length and blond; her eyes blue and inviting. To sum her up in just a few words, I would say hat she was the most beautiful women I had ever met.

She and I were good friends, our relationship was purely professional and that didnít really bother me; to be honest I had always considered her way out of my league; a blond fantasy more than a reality.

Most of the guys she met would stare endlessly at her breasts as they talked to her; she didnít like this, and although she never said anything to them I could tell she didnít like being treated differently just because of the way she looked. Strangely enough, it wasnít her breasts that I stared at when I talked to her; it was her feet. They were absolutely gorgeous picture perfect feet; about size 7ís I would say. Her lovely long slender arches flowed beautifully into those undeniably beautiful toes of hers. She never painted her toenails, and to be honest I preferred this, it demonstrated how naturally beautiful her feet were and that they had no need for artificial beautifying.

Fairly naturally Patsy was unaware of my foot fetish; as a matter of fact I kept this whole thing to myself generally. To say I was ashamed of it would be a little untrue, however, being such a personal thing I found it difficult to discuss with many women, primarily for the fear that they would think it was weird.

Anyway, it was Friday afternoon and Patsy had just finished posing for about two-dozen pictures for catalogues and magazines. She was wearing a black knee-length skirt which hugged her hips splendidly. On her feet she wore a pair of strappy black shoes which revealed the majority of her sensational feet to my prying eyes. Something I had always thought to be somewhat strange is that women wear very revealing shoes, strappy like the ones she had-on; it was almost like lingerie for feet but to voice your attraction to a womanís feet was looked down upon, even thought women display their feet in a very alluring manner.

Nevertheless, I complemented Patsy on her good work, "That was pretty good today" I said as we sat down together in two opposite chairs away from the photo-shoot set. "Thanks" replied Patsy crossing her legs in-front of me. Her unbelievably shapely legs were tantalisingly close to me, her feet closer still. She bobbed her foot up and down, swaying it from side to side as we talked. I wondered what it would be like to taste her gorgeous toes, and to run my tongue along her smooth sexy sole experiencing her lovely female scent and taste in the process.

Most of the people who were involved with the photo shoot had left by this time, and myself and Patsy were eventually the only ones remaining.

"These shoes are just killing my feet!" Patsy exclaimed. "I could massage them for you if youíd like" I replied nervously, hoping that she would agree. "Oh yes, that would be fabulous" Patsy said gratefully.

Patsy extended her sexy legs so that her feet rested on my lap. I slowly undid her strappy shoes, removing them individually and placing beside my chair on the floor. I began by massaging her right foot with both my hands, concentrating my strokes around the balls of her foot, and along her beautiful arches. Patsy let-out a sigh of appreciation, "ahhhh, that feels so good" she whispered out loud. I made small rounded movements on her heel before returning my hands to just below the balls of her foot. After I had spent several minutes on her right foot I moved to the other, once again rubbing her arches with my thumbs and devoting adequate attention to her beautiful soft heels.

I was surprised by the degree to which this turned me on. I could feel my cock beginning to become hard and press against the inside of my pants; still I continued, trying desperately to control my level of excitation.

The studio was totally empty by now and myself and Patsy sat alone engaged in this mutually satisfying position; she hummed in accordance with her satisfaction at my actions. "Ohhh thereís nothing that could feel better than that after a long dayís work!" Patsy commented as she sat with her head leaned backwards with her eyes closed. What I did next I canít to this day understand how I managed to find the courage to do. I stopped massaging her foot momentarily and lowered my lips to her left foot planting a delicate kiss on the top of her toes. At first she gave no reaction, simply remaining at ease in her chair; however, when I ceased my actions after several kisses she instantly said "no, no, donít stop that feels really nice". I gladly continued to lay soft kisses on her foot, ultimately raising it slightly as I held it between both hands so that I may kiss her sole.

Her little noises indicated that she was enjoying the experience as much as I was, and then I got really brave. I slid her big toe into my mouth and began to caress it with my tongue, rolling it all around and along the underside of her toe. "ahhh yes!" Patsy exclaimed under her breath.

I couldnít believe what I was doing here; there was this beautiful woman just letting me have my way with her feet; it was unbelievable. The taste of her foot in my mouth was amazing; the natural aroma teased my nostrils as my tongue experienced the flavour of this truly sensational womanís foot.

I moved onto her second toe, sliding it into my mouth before proceeding with similar intentions. Each of her toes brought me to higher levels of arousal, her heavenly female scent engulfed my lungs as I finished sucking her last toe, at which time I paused.

"No, please donít stop!" Patsy whispered, her head still tilted over the back of the chair with her eyes closed, "keep going". This was the cue I needed; with her words I ran my tongue along the sole of her left foot as I cradled it between my hands. Patsy let-out a louder sigh this time, her words echoed my thoughts, "Ohhh this is heaven".

Not to mention the psychological arousal that I was experiencing; the physical sensations of tasting Patsyís foot were sending tingles down my spine, I canít remember being this turned-on this much by anything before.

My tongue explored her foot further, traversing the balls of her foot as I savoured her delightful taste before plunging deep between her toes. I tickled between her toes with my tongue, savouring the taste, before moving between the next toes to repeat the act. Patsyís enjoyment of this was obvious; her head tilted back further still, as she continued to whisper words of encouragement to me.

Eventually my tongue had bathed the entire bottom of her left foot. I replaced this in my lap and switched my hands over to her right foot, cradling it like before I raised it to my lips and kissed the sole. The aroma of her foot drove me wild with desire, and I instantly put my tongue to good effect, soothing her weary soles with tender strokes as I reached levels of arousal unfamiliar to me. I slid my hands up Patsyís slender calf as I continued to lick her foot, repeating the actions which had brought her so much pleasure before.

I ran my tongue along the side of her heel and around her ankle before replacing her foot in my lap, and proceeding to massage it once again. My thumbs slid easily now, aided by the moisture form my oral worshipping. For the first time since starting Patsy looked at me. Her expression told me that she was pleased with what I had done. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed, "I canít believe you just did that", "I know" I replied "That was fabulous!" I continued.

Myself and Patsy sat there for some time discussing what had just happened, and I explained my foot fetish to her. "SoÖ what it is about womenís feet that turn you on so much?" Patsy enquired. "I donít really know" I replied, "all I do know is that I would rather kiss a womanís feet more than any other part of her body". Patsy commented how it was nice to meet a guy who didnít grab her breasts at the first opportunity, and how she liked my foot fetish.

"Youíre coming home with me!" Patsy stated definitely; she was right!

What had preceded this was amazing; what followed was even better!!!

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