By GeorgeH

Tanya was a lovely Creole lady from New Orleans that I dated in my early 20s. Her mixed background of French, Spanish, Native American and African-American blessed her with unusual beauty. She had a lovely tan complexion, jet black hair that fell in loose curls below her shoulders, and bewitching green eyes. She was about 5'2" 120 pounds with gorgeous legs and feet, of course. In general, she was one of the most beautiful women that I ever dated. She was about 10 years older than me, in her mid-30s, but I have always been attracted by the maturity of women older than me. We had been dating for about 2 months, but had only had sex 3 times. Her 2 children made it difficult for her to spend the night with me, and we never made love at her house, out of respect for the kids.

One evening, we were in her living room watching a movie. It was around midnight and her kids were upstairs asleep. I was sitting at one end of the sofa, and she was lying at the other end with her legs extended toward me. Given the opportunity, I always check out a woman's feet, and this was great opportunity to check out hers. They were very sexy, small (size 5), with somewhat long thin toes, and perfectly proportioned. The most noticeable feature was her incredibly high arches, one of the highest I have ever seen. Her soles had those sexy wrinkles that I have always loved. I was still shy about my foot fetish, and we had never included any foot action in our love-making. I was never sure how to break my fetish to a woman, always afraid that she would be repulsed by it, thinking it was perverted or weird. I started lightly massaging one of her feet, which seemed an innocent enough act. She couldn't find that weird. The massage continued and soon included both feet. She looked at me and said, "That's relaxing," giving me enough encouragement to take the next step. So, I placed her feet in my lap (so I could more easily massage them, of course). She was lying on her side, her legs slightly bent, with her feet together in my lap. Her sexy soles faced my body as I continued the foot massage, now with more vigor. I heard little sounds of enjoyment come from her. "Mmmmmm, that feels nice." Her tone indicated that my manipulated were more relaxing, rather than sexually arousing. "If you have some lotion, I can do a better job," I said. "OK," she replied, "but I don't want to get up. I am so relaxed." She told me where the lotion was, I got it, and continued the massage. I squeezed some lotion onto her feet and rubbed it all over them. I, first concentrated on her toes, massaging each one individually, and then the bottoms of her toes, just above the balls of her feet. She seemed to really enjoy that. I rubbed lotion over her arches and across the tops of her feet. When I squirted more lotion on her feet, I briefly imagined that it was my cum. The image soon passed, and I continued the foot massage for half an hour, or so. It must have really relaxed her, because I could hear her lightly snoring. She had fallen asleep. I rubbed her feet for a few more minutes. The urges within me began growing. I desperately wanted to taste her toes, so I bent over, put my lips around a couple of them and slowly licked them with my tongue. They smelled and tasted sweet from the lotion. I licked her soles and ran my tongue all over her feet. This was the first time I had ever done this much with Tanya's feet, and I was getting very aroused. I positioned her feet so they were resting on my swollen penis, and continued worshipping them with my hands. As my excitement began overriding my inhibitions, I unzipped my fly and exposed my cock to her beautiful feet. Tanya was still lying on her side with her soles facing my body, which allowed me to rub the head of my cock across her soles and beautifully high arches. "What would she think if she woke up and saw what I was doing?" I thought. There were feelings of guilt and embarrassment, but my passion for her lovely feet drove me on. I continued stroking her arches with my pulsing dick, occasionally pressing the cock head between her toes, smearing pre-cum juices over her feet along the way. When I pressed the tip of my cock into the underside of her toes, drops of my fluids clinged to them. The sight of this turned me on, and I bent over, and licked the juices from her toes. I began stroking my throbbing manhood, using the lotion as a lubricant. I rubbed the head over her arches and toes as I jerked the shaft with my hand. I had to do so gently so I didn't wake her. I was close to orgasm, and I wanted so badly to cum all over her feet. The thought of it caused me to stroke myself harder. I pushed the tip of my ready to erupt cock into the underside of her toes of one foot, and pumped a massive stream of cum onto them. Some of it squirted between her toes, and dripped down on top of the other foot. The second surge soaked those lovely wrinkled soles and ultra- high arches with my love juice. I continued pumping the remainder of my hot cum onto her feet. When I finished, I thought, "What do I do now? What if she wakes up? How do I explain why her feet are soaked in my cum?" I looked at her face, and she was still asleep. Still turned on from the experience, I lifted her feet from my lap, replaced my spent cock into my pants, and sat on the floor, with her cum-soaked feet at eye level. I briefly admired her cum-laden feet, and, then, preceded to lick the cum from her feet. I started by sucking her toes, when suddenly she jerked her feet away from my face, sat up, looked at me sitting on the floor, and said, "What the hell are you doing?!" My heart pounded with embarrassment. I was speechless. What do I say?!. " Oh, I just masturbated on your feet while you slept, and was in the process on cleaning them off with my tongue" didn't seem appropriate. The look in her eyes was more of surprise, rather than anger or disgust. Though we had only had sex 3 times, we had been open about our sexual preferences, different positions, oral sex, etc. We even openly discussed anal sex (she didn't like it), but this foot thing was different with me. It was such a personal part of me, too personal to openly discuss, which is why I resorted to subversive methods of satisfying my urges. All of this flashed though my head in a split second, before I answered her. "Look, I have this thing for feet." I painfully explained my fetish and told her how excited the foot massage had made me. I was so uncomfortable talking about it that sweat was actually pouring from my face. After I explained, in detail, my secret desires to her, she understood, at least, she appeared to. She said that she would have accommodated my fetish if I had told her about it earlier. She was more upset about the cum that had dripped on her couch, than the act itself.

Tanya and I continued dating for only a few weeks after that. Though she never mentioned the incident, I think it adversely affected our relationship. We had sex a few more times, but I was too embarrassed to get into any foot play. I have never seen her since.

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