"Best Friend's Sister"
By Super Steve

I have had the same best friend since before I can remember. His name is Ollie and he is two days older than me, and he lives round the corner from my childhood home. When I was younger I always used to spend all my time at his house playing with Ollie and his sister Lara. Lara was two years older than us and we all got on very well. However, as time went on we drifted apart. Lara matured early and by the time she reached her teens she was no longer interested in wasting her time with younger boys who she saw as very childish. Over the course of her teenage years my friendship with Lara waned until I barely knew her anymore.

One other thing happened to Lara at this time ­ she grew up from an awkward looking child into a stunningly beautiful young woman. She has tanned skin and long straight black hair, she is tall and slim with fantastically shapely legs and perfectly formed feet. I always had a thing about Lara’s feet ­ I used to fantasise about all the things I could do with them, but in reality she was so beautiful I could barely even find the guts to talk to her. In the end she went off to university, and then so did I, and I forgot all about her.

Last summer I was at Ollie’s, helping him to redecorate his bedroom, when in walked Lara. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years. If anything she looked even more beautiful, but unfortunately she also had a boyfriend with her. Worse, he was the athletic type, really well built, he could have been a male model. I said a casual hi and thought I’d tell her briefly what I was doing in my life, but she silenced me with a quick “That’s fascinating! You should try telling someone who cares!”.

After that putdown (which was totally typical of her) I went back upstairs to help Ollie with his room. I stayed there all day. Lara never came upstairs but every so often I heard her shouting and screaming, and occasionally I also heard her boyfriend. It sounded like they were having a major row. Eventually at about ten o’clock I heard a door slam, and I figured that one or both of them had gone out, and I thought nothing more of it. I stayed until midnight, when I made my excuses and headed for home. Ollie didn’t see me out as he was still in the middle of painting his new cupboards, so I went downstairs to let myself out.

On my way out I noticed that the door to the living room was open. This was very unusual as the room was only used for very important visitors. I looked in and saw a beautiful sight. Lara was sprawled out over the couch, asleep, her long legs stretched towards me so that her feet were dangling invitingly over the edge. I couldn’t take my eyes off them ­ I could see the whole of her soles, and it instantly brought back memories of my adolescent fantasies. Fascinated by her wrinkly soles, I wandered over to get a closer look. I knelt down by her feet and placed my face right by them, and inhaled deeply. I was intoxicated by her odour ­ a bit salty, but utterly beautiful and sexy.

Suddenly I was filled with a courage I never normally had, a courage born out of my tremendous desire. I had to have those feet! My cock was already starting to get uncomfortable in my boxers, and I hadn’t even touched her. To make sure she was asleep, I began lightly tickling her soles. There was absolutely no response ­ she was fast asleep. Taking my heart in my hands, I bent down and lightly kissed the top of her right foot.

I had dreamt of this moment my entire life, as I started to dab kisses all over her feet, including her tiny toes. She always wore black nail polish, which I found intensely erotic. I knew if she woke up she would tell her boyfriend, and Ollie, and nothing would ever be the same again, but somehow the danger added to my excitement. I couldn’t stop if my life depended on it, I had just started to taste her sweet feet. They were a little sweaty but I liked that, it gave them a slightly saltier taste. Finally, needing to taste her fully, I laid my tongue gently onto her sole.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice was sharp and awake, and shocked me. Everything was ruined! I had really messed up this time. I was obviously much too scared to reply.

“You were licking my feet!”

I couldn’t deny this, of course ­ all I could do was stammer out meaningless apologies, saying I didn’t know what had come over me, going bright red, full of embarrassment and fear.

“ I should tell Ollie right now”, she said, but suddenly I understood from her tone of voice that she wasn’t going to do that at all. “And I will,” she went on, “unless you satisfy me properly”.

“Satisfy you?” I managed to mumble.

“Do whatever dirty, sordid things you were going to do” she snapped back. “If I like it I won’t tell Ollie, but it better be good!”

I didn’t like being ordered what to do, but I had to admit her dominant tone really turned me on. I just hoped that what I would do would please her enough, otherwise I really would be in trouble. Nervously, but still thankful for this golden opportunity to indulge my fantasies, I took her marvellous feet back in my hands. I put my tongue back on her soles and started to hesitantly lick back and forth. She pulled away instinctively, and I apologised. “Don’t stop” she commanded, and then closed her eyes and settled back towards a state of sleep.

At this stage I really let myself go, and started to lick all over more urgently. I used great big strokes of my tongue so that I could really taste her, wrapping it around her tasty little toes. I could feel myself really bulging in my shorts. This was heaven! Slowly I circled the underside of her toes, which is a really sensitive area for girls, then gently placed my lips around her toes, one by one up to the big toe. All the time my tongue was probing, licking the tiny specks of dirt from between her toes, as I breathed deeply onto the toes. I was loving this, and I began to repeat the process on her left foot, but I was worried that I was getting no response from Lara.

Suddenly I got the response I needed. It was very subtle, almost imperceptible, but I saw her hand creep down to between her legs. She was masturbating! I couldn’t detect her movements, but I felt sure her fingers were slowly moving up and down inside her pussy. As I imagined her warm pussy, and at the same time tasted her toes inside my mouth, I could contain myself no longer. I had all the encouragement I needed. My trousers and boxers slipped to the floor and I finally let my dick hang free.

It was harder than I’d ever seen it, and it needed to feel the soft skin on it. I placed my shaft down on to her fantastic arches and slowly began to draw it back and forwards. Instantly I felt Lara’s hand movements become more urgent, probably reaching her clit. The sensation of my cock on her smooth soles was unbearably beautiful. Never had I experienced anything like it. I could feel my precum beginning to dribble out already.

Not wanting it to be over too soon, I lifted her legs up and sat down on the couch with her feet on my lap. I could now indulge my ultimate fantasy. I placed her two feet on either side of my bulging manhood and began to rub them both up and down me. As I did this I could feel her toes clenching around the tip of my cock. This gave the most intense stimulation I had ever experienced, and it was clear that Lara was enjoying herself just as much. Although her eyes remained tightly closed, her spare hand had now worked its way down to her chest and was rubbing her erect nipples. Her movements got faster and faster and mine did the same in unison until with a huge shudder I felt her come with a giant burst. Unbelievably turned on by this, I sprayed everywhere with the most incredibly powerful orgasm I had ever had. It lasted fully twenty seconds as I kept going through uncontrollable surges of pleasure, until her beautiful feet were completely drenched in my cum.

As I sat there, limp and exhausted, I couldn’t believe what had happened. I had finally managed to indulge my favourite fantasy, one I never dreamed could ever come true, and it had been better than even in my wildest dreams. I got up to go, thanking every deity in the world for allowing me this moment.

“Where are you going?” she demanded.

All of a sudden I was filled with fear again as I remembered the cold realities of my situation. Lara still had the power to end my oldest friendship, and if she told her boyfriend about this he would probably batter me senseless into the equation. Had I not satisfied her properly?

“My feet are covered in your disgusting love juices” Lara admonished me.” You’d better clear it up”.

Somehow I knew what she wanted. She wouldn’t be happy with me washing her feet. Although I’d never done it before, I lifted her feet back towards my face and began to lick my semen off her. It tasted sour and disgusting but it still turned me on because it was off her perfect instep. As I did this more and more convulsions went through Lara’s body, as I realised another new thing about Lara ­ she had multiple orgasms. I kept licking until her feet were spotless, and Lara kept coming until the couch was soggy underneath her.

In the end, she told me that she would never mention it as long as I never talked to her again, but that was fine with me. I had had the most wonderful experience of my life, and I know that Lara had too.

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