"The Best"
By GeorgeH

I have had many footjobs, but one that stands out was at a nude night club with one of the dancers. The nude clubs in my town have semi-private areas that are relatively dark and secluded, separated from the main area by a half wall. One evening, I saw a particularly attractive dancer that immediately turned me on. She was a beautiful Hispanic girl about 5' 3'', 110 pounds, with two of the most beautiful feet I had seen. She appeared to be around 18 or 19 years and was wearing a pair of very high-heeled black slingback shoes on her gorgeous feet. As I sat right in front of the stage watching her dance, I could not keep from staring at her lovely feet. She noticed that I was looking at them, because she sat on the stage right in front of me, and slipped her right shoe off. She sensually ran her fingers over her bare foot, looking at me smiling. Her feet were so beautiful; about size 6, with those long, perfectly shaped toes that I love so much.

After she had finished, she came over and asked me if I would be interested in a private dance with her in one of the secluded booths. I agreed, and we went to a booth in a dark corner of the club. I paid the hostess for a half hour session. The booth was partitioned from the rest of the club by a five-foot wall that kept anyone in the club from seeing without overtly peering over the partition. She sat next to me on the couch and carried on small talk for a couple of minutes. She commented that she enjoyed dancing for guys with foot fetishes, and asked me how long I had been into feet. As I began explaining that I had been a foot lover since puberty, I felt her foot slowly rubbing my leg. With her high heels still on, she began rubbing the top of her foot on the back of my leg. She slowly moved it to the back of my knee and finally put her foot in my lap. "Would you take my shoe off?" she said softly. I immediately did as she requested, and gently rubbed her foot with my hand. It was so soft and smooth. "That feel so good after I have been dancing all night," she said. "Please do the other one, too," she said as she placed the other foot in my lap. After removing that shoe, I began massaging her feet and toes in earnest. I lifted one foot to my lips and began kissing it, starting at the toes, and working my way over the top of the foot, to the in-step, and then slowly ran my tongue up and down her lovely high arch. While I was busy worshipping her bare foot with my lips and tongue, she started massaging my cock with her other foot through my pants. My dick was already hard, but this made it even harder. She noticed the bulge in my pants was getting huge, and said, "Why don't you unzip your pants before you burst through them." I immediately complied. She put her foot into my fly and began massaging the head of my cock with her toes through my briefs. I was in ecstasy as she rubbed my manhood with her foot. "How much of a foot lover are you?" she asked. "What do you mean?" I responded. "Well, have ever had a woman jerk you off with her feet?" she said. "Yes." I replied, "Can you do that here?" Sure, if you are discrete," she assured me, " No one can see us back here."

I pulled my cock out of my fly. She opened the little purse she carried and retrieved a small container of hand lotion, which she squirted on the bottoms of the toes and her arches. She also put some lotion on the top of my cock, and rubbed it down the shaft with her feet, until it was well lubricated. Then, she began to rub her feet all over my cock. She teased the tip with her toes and then stroked the shaft between her two arches. The excitement was building in my loins. When I started stroking the shaft with my hand while she was manipulating the head with her toes, she pushed my hand away, and continued stroking my cock with her feet. The excitement started building, and I started stroking the shaft with my hand again. Again, she pushed it away. I have had many foot jobs, and in order to cum, I always stroke myself while the woman rubs my cock with her feet. I have never had a woman get me off with her feet alone, without some help from me. I had assumed that feet do not have enough dexterity to make me cum. I explained this to her, but she insisted that she do the work herself. I did not argue any more and just let her do her thing. She put some more lotion on her feet, and began to masturbate my cock like no one had done before. She had extremely talented feet. She worked them like hands, her toes like fingers. She put her feet together, grasping my cock with her toes, and started stroking my cock from the base to the head. She had many techniques. She would stroke the base of the shaft between the toes of one foot, while manipulating the head with the toes of the other foot. Then, she would put her feet together, with my cock between her arches, and stroke my cock like that for a while. Sometimes, she would wiggle her toes under my balls with one foot while stroking my cock between the toes of the other foot. She could wrap her long toes around my dick and jerk me off like they were hands. I had never had a foot job like this before. My hips began pumping in step with the rhythm of her feet. I knew that she could make me cum like this (without my help). She would bring to the brink of orgasm by jerking my dick with her toes or between her silky arches, and then stop just before I would cum. This was driving me crazy. My hips were pumping wildly. She brought me to the edge several times and then stopped just before orgasm. Then, she put the shaft near the base of my cock between the first and second toes of one foot. The shaft just below the head went between the first and second toes of the other foot, and she began stroking me like this. There is a certain rhythm that she got into that I knew would finish me soon. The toes at the base would squeeze my balls on every down stroke, and the toes near the head caressed the tip of my cock on every up stroke. She had this down to a science. She continued stroking me with that critical rhythm until I felt that tingling sensation you get just before you cum. Within a few seconds, I shot one of the strongest loads ever. The first shot soaked the top of the foot near the head. She continued stroking my dick between her toes. The pressure of the toes on my balls increased the force of the second orgasmic wave. The hot sticky cum clinged to her to toes and oozed between them. She then grasped the shaft hear the head of my dick with the toes of both feet like fingers and began milking me dry. I have never cum so much in my life! The third wave sent cum spurting all over her in-steps, and I was still cumming. Her toes stroked my cock from base to head with a perfect rhythm that maximized and extended the orgasmic pleasure. The last cum shots soaked her long beautiful toes. She kept jerking me until my cock went completely limp. That blew my theory about lack of foot dexterity.

There was cum, glistening all over her feet and toes. I brought her feet up to my face and began sucking her toes and licking her feet. I have always loved to do this after cumming on a woman's feet. I sucked each toe individually, savoring each one. I liked her cum-soaked arches and ran my tongue over the tops of her feet and ankles. The taste of my own juices on her feet aroused me. When I was done, no cum could be seen on her feet or toes. I had devoured it all. My cock was becoming aroused from my oral foot worshipping. I want to do this again, but the half hour was almost up. She asked, "Do want another half hour?" I said, "Yes," so we started again. Since I had cum so much already, the second time was not as intense, but I loved it.

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