"Memoirs Of A Leg Tease Artist"
By Bella Foote

Where should I begin? I was born in 1950 and lived in small New England town until I went off to a business college in Boston. My college roommate was from the New Orleans area and she invited me to visit there for Spring break of 1970, and it was love at first sight. The French Quarter was mysterious and exciting and the air was full of jazz music and the smell of the most delicious Cajun food. We decided that we would move to New Orleans after the semester was over, to take a year off from school and have some fun. We found an apartment in the Quarter, in a small courtyard.

Now before I go any further, let me just say that I'm basically a very shy and sweet person, and was still a virgin at the time...my roommate was a lot wilder than I was and had a boyfriend she would sleep with from time to time. So it's a long story how I ended up working as a strip tease artist with a very unique specialty.

Shortly after moving to New Orleans, I took a secretarial job in a local insurance office. It was a large office with about 100 employees. I loved getting dressed up for work... I guess most men would say I have a sexy body. Nothing like today's ultra-thin super models, but with a curvaceous figure, a nice round butt and strong shapely legs. I think that a woman's body is a beautiful thing, and I never minded men admiring my body. I always dressed nicely for work. A short tight skirt and high-heeled pumps, with full-fashioned stockings were typical work dress for me. I always thought pantyhose were uncomfortable and preferred the old-fashioned garter belts and stockings and silk panties. Sometimes I would catch one of the men in the office staring at my legs and shoes but I kind of liked it...I have to admit I was always a bit of a tease. The guys in the office would sometimes make comments as I walked by like " Va va va voom" or " It must be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that" that would be considered politically incorrect and probably grounds for a harassment suit by today's standards.

Our New Orleans apartment suited us just fine. Cheri lived upstairs with her handsome 24 year old nephew Andre, who was staying with her while he attended Tulane University. One Friday morning I ran into Cheri in the courtyard and she invited me to join her that evening at a nightclub where her nephew Andre worked part time as a singing waiter. I agreed but told her that I would meet her there because I had to work late at the office. We met at the club. There was such a variety of entertainment; great jazz music, a magician, some comedians, singing waiters and waitresses, and some scantily clad showgirls. We drank and ate and laughed and drank a little more.. I couldn't take my eyes off her nephew Andre. He looked so handsome in his black bow tie and white shirt, and he had a nice singing voice too. He obviously had some theatrical experience; too bad he had a steady girlfriend, I thought. We stayed until closing.

Andre was finished work and we all headed home together. Cheri asked me up for a nightcap. As we sat in her living room sipping champagne, I noticed an 8 by 10 glossy black and white promo picture of a beautiful young woman holding a provocative pose, submerged halfway in a glass bath tub, with one shapely leg sticking out of the suds, her bare toes pointed straight out at the camera, with a name printed below: Cheri Love. "Honey, that was me in a past life" she laughed. "What? You were a stripper?" "No, my dear", she replied, " I was and artist... a kind of a Burlesque actress you might say...there's a big difference. I never took off all my clothes ". "Do you have any other pictures?" I asked. "Honey, I've got something even better", she replied as she reached behind the sofa and pulled out a dusty 8mm movie projector, set in on the coffee table and dimmed the lights. Andre and I watched as the grainy film began.

On the screen was new friend Cheri. She looked about 25 or 30 years old.... this beautiful, buxom, shapely woman who's involved in 1950's Burlesque show. The act would begin by her stepping onto the stage in a lovely sequined gown, her hair up, with dangling earrings, wearing black seamed stockings and glittery high heel slippers. She would proceed to sit down on a small boudoir chair as if she were coming home from a long night. A tuxedoed gentleman, complete with top hat and handlebar mustache, would appear from behind the curtain and offer her a much needed martini on a tray. She thanked him and continued to relax by taking off her earrings and letting down her hair. He would proceed to help her off with her stole and then her long gloves...one at a time. She stood up and turned her back to her attendant, and gestured to him that he should remove her gown, and he would slowly unzip the gown and she would let it fall to her ankles, so that she was now wearing only some glittery pasties, a g string, a garter belt, her black full fashioned stockings, and the glittery high heel slippers. "What a body!", I whispered to Andre, who seemed mesmerized. The butler took her hand ever so gentlemanly as she stepped out of the gown and sat back down. She would then point her toes naughtily and allowed the slipper to dangle there for a few moments as the assistant knelt before her, and she then signaled that he should remove her slipper, which he would, and then the other. She was wearing the kind of sexy stockings I liked best, with reinforced heel and toe, black seams and more reinforcement at the top where the garter straps attach. She fussed with the stockings a little bit as if to straighten them as she kicked her legs playfully. She had the most gorgeous legs I think I had ever seen. They looked as if they were sculpted from marble.

She raised one leg straight out pointing her toes to the ceiling, and would signal to her assistant that it was now time for him to please remove her stockings. I could imagine a collective gasp from her audience. The gentleman obliged by slowly undoing her garter straps and peeling off the stockings ever so slowly and tantalizingly, exposing her silky smooth skin, first to the knee, rolling them down around her firm and shapely calves, and then to her ankle, and finally around her heel. Her toes were pointed gracefully the whole time as she pulled the stocking tight, holding it precariously on her foot only by the tips of her toes. She then gave a knowing look to the audience as the stocking snapped from her pointed toes and dropped limply to the floor. For now it was time for her champagne bath, and he would, as a gentleman should, kindly escort her as she tiptoed across the stage, up the ladder and into the glass tub.

Suddenly the movie reel ran out. "Whew, that was hot!", Andre laughed as he pretended to wipe sweat from his brow with his handkerchief. I was stunned but surprisingly aroused by the sexy show.. I was thinking about how hot and bothered those poor guys in the audience must have gotten back in that sexually suppressed era of the 1950's, and how they must have wished they could trade places with that lucky stiff butler just once. "She still has all those old costumes" Andre revealed. "I do" Cheri admitted.." I don't know what I'm saving them for.. I guess I'm just a sentimental fool". I asked I could see them and she led us through a beaded curtain into her bedroom where at the foot of the bed sat a wooden trunk. She opened it up, took out a blanket or two, and there, before my eyes, lay the same sequined gown I had just seen in the film. "I wonder if it still fits", Cheri said as she lifted the gown out of the trunk and held it up for size. At 52 she still had an incredibly sexy body. "Why don't you try it on, Bella?" she suggested. I guess I was caught up in the fun of the moment and the drink because I took the gown right into the bathroom and put in on, leaving the stockings and black leather pumps I had on since early that morning. "Ta daa!" I paraded out of the bathroom and spun around, with Cheri and Andre looking on with delight. I dropped down onto the bed, propped a pillow behind my head, and lifted one leg straight up and out, as if to imitate Cheri's act. Andre, ever the showman, sprung to action and started acting like the butler. We went through a few of the motions and we all became very silly. Cheri was laughing so hard she was crying, and her mascara was starting to run. She suddenly looked very tired and maybe had one drink too many. She made her way back into the living room and passed out on the sofa, leaving me lying there with Andre stretched out across the foot of the bed.

Andre and I talked until the wee hours of the morning and the more tired we became, the more relaxed and deeper our conversation became, and we began to reveal some intimate secrets to each other. "You know", he confided, "I have to tell you something, Bella... I really liked it when you pretended to be doing that strip tease act". "You mean like this?" I lifted my leg and pointed it toward the ceiling, bent it at the knee, and pointed it straight out again. Andre gazed adoringly at my strong and shapely legs and muttered "Aren't you kind of uncomfortable with those shoes and stockings on?" I fussed with my stockings as if to straighten them. "Well...I have been wearing them for nearly 24 hours now". "Would you like me to take them off for you?", he asked with hesitation. "Well.... I don't know"...I teased, as I began to realize his fetish, "I haven't had a chance to freshen up since this morning". Andre's voice quivered as he replied that he didn't mind at all. "Well, how would it look if your aunt were to come back in?", I whispered. "Don't worry", Andre replied, "she's passed out cold just like always.. She'll sleep until at least 9 o'clock. Come on, let me take them off for you.. you'll feel so much more comfortable".

I pointed my black leather pump toward him, slipped it off half way, and let it dangle on my toes. "Well... I guess it would be alright...you can start by taking off my shoe". He slowly slipped the smooth leather high-heeled pump from my outstretched toes and lovingly kissed the top of my stockinged foot. "There", he said "doesn't that feel better?" I pointed my toes seductively and rotated my leg at the knee for a few moments giving him an eyeful of the stocking's sexy reinforced heel and toe. "Now ..could you help me off with my stocking?". I lifted the gown to reveal the top of my stocking and garter belt. "Would you please undo my garter straps for me?". "Why certainly, Madam", he nervously joked, still trying to play along as if it were the Burlesque act, but this time he was not just hamming it up. The sun was just rising and in the dim morning light I could see that his face was flushed and sweating, and I noticed that he had a huge erection visible through his pants.

He undid the garter snap and proceeded to roll the silky and sheer nylon down very slowly, as if he were savoring every moment. I think that his heart must have been racing at about 250 times a minute. As he rolled the stocking halfway around my ankle he moaned audibly and I thought to myself that the poor guy would have a heart attack. I took the end of the stocking from him as it rounded my heel and pulled it tightly, gracefully pointing my toes so that the soft sole of my foot was bare and wrinkled but my toes were still covered in the musky nylon. He began to nuzzle my wrinkled and naturally perfumed soles and worked his mouth up to my toes and pulled off the little that was left of the sheer black material from my toes with his teeth. I was excited and thoroughly turned on by the gentle teasing, and I wanted it to go on and on. With my toes still pointed at his face, I stuck my long and well shaped big toe straight up, about an inch from his lips, as if to invite him to start sucking on it. As he closed his eyes to take it sensually into his eager mouth, I pulled it away abruptly and lifted my leg straight up and out, and told him that it was time to remove the other stocking. Oh.. I thought..this was such sweet torture.

By this time the tormented young man had begun touching himself and rubbing his erection through his pants. I pretended not to notice his condition as he unsnapped the other reinforced stocking from its garter strap and began to pull it off. As the stocking fell from my toes I crossed my legs seductively and accidentally brushed his nose with my toes, and then, starting at my ankle, I repeatedly ran the top of my smooth bare foot back and forth under his chin, occasionally allowing my toes to brush across his open lips. I pointed my toes again and stuck out my big toe as I had done before, as if to tease him to start sucking it again. Before I could pull it away he managed to bite it gently and held it between his clenched teeth for a few seconds. "Gotcha!" he laughed excitedly through his teeth. I managed to work my toe from between his teeth, and playfully kicked him in the nose with my bare heel. "Ouch!" he complained. "Oh..I'm so sorry" I taunted, "Here..let me make it feel better". I grasped his nose between my curled up toes and began to pull on it playfully, letting him enjoy the scent for just a few more seconds. I then got up from the bed , took a stocking and loosely tied his trembling hands behind his back, and laid back down on the bed. "Okay, why don't we play a little game now... it's called "Catch me if you can!"... I rested my feet a few inches from his face and began to point and flex and curl my toes, the whole time rotating my ankles. He ran his tongue wildly up and down along my wrinkled soles and passionately and without abandon tried to lick and suck and nibble at my heels and toes and ankles, and I artfully teased him and invented ways to drive him to new heights of ecstasy through the early morning hours, until we fell sound asleep, and I awoke with Andre, my poor tortured butler for an evening, looking quite satisfied as he slept at the foot of the bed.

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