"The Bartender"
By Anonymous

Ok, so I am just killing time one day and decide to start drinking EARLY. I mean we are talking about 11:00 am. I am feeling real frisky and wanted to see just how far I could get with a total stranger. So I find this little dive and go in. Sure enough, I am alone with the bartender. I order my beer and start to drink. We make some small talk. She tells me her name is Candy and I introduce myself. Eventually the conversation turns to sex. I keep the gab at a superficial level not wanting to get into trouble too soon, but at the same time, building my courage up. Finally, I get some guts.

"Can I ask you a personal question?"
"Sure, why not."
"Are your toenails painted?"
"Nope, I think I have really ugly feet anyway. Why? Do feet turn you on?"
"Yep, totally. Could I see yours?"
"Oh no! I told you they are ugly."
"Aww, come on. I wish I had a dollar for everytime a woman told me her feet were ugly. I bet they are just gorgeous. Let me look. Just one foot, and then I promise I won't ask again."

Candy looked around (there was still no one in the bar and no one was coming anytime soon). "Well, OK. But just for a minute." She began to remove her boot and sock on her right foot. I got down off the bar stool to get a good close look. At the least I was hoping for a quick feel of her toes.

"TaaaDaaa! There it is. See I hate my feet, the second toe is longer than the big toe. I just think its ugly." Now let me tell you, this woman had an absolutely beautiful size 8 foot. Perfect nails, perfect length, I got an immediate boner. It was a good thing I was kneeling down! "Oh my God. You have a gorgeous foot! I can promise you that you could get a lot of attention from some guys with toes like that!"

"Do you really think so?" I reached out and touched her foot and toes. Very warm and slightly wet. I could just make out a familiar scent that made my dick twitch some more. She had a high arch and the soles were soft and smooth. Unconsciously I began to rub her foot. "Ohhh. That feels good." She sat on the bar stool closest to me and I remained kneeling. "So you really think my foot is pretty." "Yes," I replied smiling, "I really do. Let's just say that things are waking up!" "Oh, really, " she said with a little grin, "so what do you like about my foot?" "Hmmm, well everything!" I continued to rub, "I would be inclined to do all sorts of nasty and suggestive things to your foot. Hey, its safe sex, ya know!"

"It just seems kinda weird to me," she said, "what do you do with FEET? I mean do you suck toes or whack off on them or what? I mean, do they really get you off?" I took the plunge at this point! "I could show you." She looked around again, "like how could you show me?" I began to suck her toes. I could taste the salty sweat and got a real good whiff of her beautiful foot.

She leaned back and moaned, "Oh my GOD, that feels wonderful!" I continued to suck her toes and lick her arch and sole, nibbling on the heel and letting my tongue travel back in between her toes again. I started to grab myself through my jeans while I was sucking on these toes. I couldn't believe it. I was sucking the toes of a total stranger I had met less than two hours earlier. The adrenaline rush combined with the sheer lust was intense. I was ready to burst!

"What else do you do with feet?" she asked. "Well," I said as I lowered her foot towards my raging hard on (which was clearly visible now through my jeans) "all kinds of stuff." She pointed her toes and pressed them on the head of my cock. "You will have to show me that too sometime," she replied. "I agree," I said as I reached up and undid my fly.

"What are you doing? Someone might come in and see you!" she exclaimed. "Lets just call it a preview," I responded, and pulled out my boner. Her toes were still wet from my tongue lashing and I took advantage of it, rubbing my cock all over her arch, her toes, her soles, then I slid the head between the big toe and the second toe. She began to move her foot up and down in a familiar rhythmic motion. "God your cock is HUGE and so HARD. Did my foot do that to you?" she asked. I grunted, "I think that's a little obvious!"

"Am I doing this right?" she asked. "Oh yeah, you are doing just fine. Are you sure you have never done this before?" I inquired. "Nope, this is first. But you better put him up before we get caught," she said. I really didn't want this to end just yet so I asked, "Just give me one more minute and then I will." She looked around and said, "OK, this really feels kinda good. Are you going to nut on my feet?" "I might if I get that extra minute," I said smiling. "Well, I would like to see that! Go on and fuck my toes. And do it quick, I don't want to get caught."

She began to move her toes in earnest now and I was close.so close to shooting a wad on those feet. I grabbed her foot and held it still, then began to thrust my cock between her toes. Well, she did tell me to fuck her toes, didn't she?

"OOOO, Oh yeah, fuck my toes, Shoot a load on them. I can't believe I am doing this!" "Believe it, Candy," I said as I thrusted back and forth, "I am gonna cum on your toes. Are you ready?" "Do it, let me see it!" she squeezed her toes and thats all it took on my last thrust. I shot a huge load on her foot and between her toes. I stopped moving and she kept stroking my cock with her foot.

She then reached over and grabbed some napkins to clean up with. "I can't believe I just did that," she said. "I can't either, but thanks! I hope it was a good experience for you." "It was. It was great. Hell, we need to get together sometime." "I would love that," I said, Not really believing it would actually happen.

I started to put my half hard cock back into my jeans and she dropped a napkin. "Silly me, you got me all weak kneed now." As she bent over she sucked my cock into her mouth. My cock started to stiffen again and she grabbed it. "Yep, we definitely need to get together sometime."

I agreed. I left about half an hour later with her phone number. I will probably call her next week.

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