"Asian Delight"
By Whitmo

Hi. Im a 21 year old and a first time contributer and a long time fan of this site. I finally decided to share one of my many personal experiences. I've had the opportunity to express my foot fetish to my girlfriend many times. Since this just happened to me just a few hours ago, let me tell you all about it.

We decided to see a movie last night. My girlfriend, who is japanese, was wearing a white top, black capri pants and a pair of size 7 steve madden shoes that i bought her one christmas. She has size 6 1/2 feet and her toes are so petite and perfect. Her toes were painted a light pinkish color.

Anyway, we decided to see a late movie. The theatre was not crowded at all, and as it turned out, we were the only ones in the movie we decided to see. I thought to myself "great, i get to worship her feet ".

Midway through the movie, my girlfriend decided to get comfortable. She told me that the air conditioner was making her cold and her legs and feet were like ice. She propped up her legs on my lap and i started to rub her soles in an attempt to warm them up. a couple minutes later i decided to suck on her toes. it was clear that it was relaxing her as her eyes started to close, not paying any attention to the movie at all. her toes tasted so good. A mixture of leather and sweat made my loins churn :) I decided to finish off when we got to her house.

When we got to her house we immediately got on her bed. She still had her shoes on. I pulled down my pants as she propped both feet on my chest. I could see my reflection of myself from a picture on the wall as i was sucking on her sweet toes. She spread her toes, and wiped her sweaty soles all over my nose. I was in heaven, My cock was so stiff as i began to stroke it.

After 30 minutes had gone by, i was ready to explode. I took my time because i wanted to savor every moment i had with her feet. I had both of her petite feet in my mouth sucking and licking the sweat out of it. Then in an instant, i shot my load all over in between her toes and the tops of both feet. I got some on her shoes too. It was a very big load. Her feet and shoes were covered with my thick, hot cream.

I thanked her for a great nite, and as a goodnight gift, she decided to lend me her shoes. :) Looks like I'm gonna have some fun tonight. :) I hope you enjoyed one of my many personal experiences. please email me at whitmo3@aol.com with your comments.

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