"Asian Lady"
By GeorgeH

I had always been attracted by Asian women, but my first sexual experience with one happened when I was 25. She was a 35-year old Singaporean woman, named Helen, who lived two apartments from me in my building. I met her while she was moving into the building, and had helped her carry some boxes to her apartment. She invited me in for coffee, out of appreciation for my help. Through our conversation, I discovered that, while she had been born in Singapore, she had lived all over Asia, China, Japan, Malaysia, as well as several cities in the US. She was a very interesting lady, and we developed a casual (non-sexual) friendship over several months. I found her appealing, but never found the appropriate occasion to cross that sexual line. She was about 5'5" and a thin 110 pounds. She was not very attractive by Western standards, with very small breasts and almost no butt. Her legs were long for her body, but were not very shapely. She had rather cute face, and GORGEOUS feet. They were large in proportion to the rest of her body, about size 8, fairly narrow, with long toes. I noticed that when she stretched, her toes would separate from each other, which I found sexy.

One evening, I had planned a small get-together for some friends from my office. Helen was new to the city, and only knew a few people, so I invited her to join our little party. She did, and we all had a great time. Around 11:00, my guests left, but Helen remained. Helen and I always had interesting conversations, and this evening we were discussing the differences between Asian and Western cultures. She thought that the Asia cultures were far superior to the Western cultures, and I took the opposite position. As we continued our heated, but friendly debate, she mentioned how prudish Westerners are regarding sex, especially Americans. I was taken aback a bit. In the few months of our relationship, sex had never come up. I wasn't sure how to respond. My hesitation gave her an opening to say, "See, you're uncomfortable, just by mentioning it, which proves my point." She proceeded to explain how sex is more accepted as a normal life function in Asia, with less taboos than in the West. As she continued explaining the cultural differences to me, my own personal inhibitions about revealing my foot affection came to mind.

I glanced at her feet. She was wearing black high-heeled sandals with very thin straps that showed off her feet exquisitely. They left her in-step completely bare, which gave me a great view of her lovely arches. My mind wondered a bit, fantasizing about her feet, but I heard her say something about Asians differentiating between sex and love, rather than Western ideas of coupling them together. I tried explained that all Westerners do not necessarily couple them together, and so forth and so on. She went on about Asians having healthier sex lives than Westerners, but what really got my attention was her question, "Do you have a healthy sex life?" "I think so," responded. "You seem so uncomfortable talking about it, so inhibited." Well, I never considered my self sexually inhibited, so I defended myself, saying, "I am not uncomfortable (I really was.), I just think some things are personal."

Well, let's see," she said, "What turns you on sexually?" She smiled in a way that let me know that she was enjoying making me uncomfortable. "Lot's of things," I said vaguely. "Like what? What is your biggest turn on" she said, pressing me for an answer. "Your beautiful feet," I thought to myself, but I said nothing. After a few seconds of silence, she said, "I will tell you something that turns me on, then you tell me something that turns you on. OK, I'll start. I love making love in the shower. Your turn." OK, now we are going make a game of it. "I like making love on the beach (I was lying)," I replied. "I like being massaged all over," she said. "I like giving massages all over," I answered. She smiled. "I like sucking on a man's nipples," she added. Was this a chance to open up about my foot fetish? If I told her, how would she respond? She was obviously open about sex; she would understand. What's the worst that could happen? She could think I am a pervert and never see me again. I decided to take a chance. I looked directly in her eyes and said, "I love to suck toes." I felt very uncomfortable saying it, but I tried hard to hide my nervousness. She smiled quietly for several seconds. "That's interesting," she said. "I like to have sex in a swimming pool. Have you ever done that?" she asked. "No," I said, still looking into her eyes, "but I love worshipping a beautiful foot." She laughed nervously as she looked away from me. For the first time she looked uncomfortable. Oh, boy I blew it. She thinks I am weird. "What, exactly do you like to do with ...feet?" she said. "Anything you can imagine," I replied. This pretty much left the possibilities wide open in her mind.

She began explaining how the attraction of men to women's feet is fairly common and accepted in many Asian cultures. She mentioned a boyfriend she had in Malaysia who loved to worship her feet more than anything else, and how much it turned her on. A man after my own heart! "Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a woman, where you focused only on her feet and nothing else?" she asked. "What do you mean?" I responded, understanding her, but wanting her to explain more. "I mean no sex, just worshipping her feet." "No," I said, "usually it is just part of the whole sexual encounter." "Could you just worship a woman's feet, without sex," she asked. "I probably could," I replied. She told me how her boyfriend would spend hours worshipping her feet without any sex, and how watching him go into ecstasy over her feet excited her. "But wouldn't that be frustrating for both of you?" I asked. "People don't always have to climax to enjoy each other," she said, "that's another Western hang-up."

This discussion was exciting me. I glance down at her feet, which looked even more beautiful than before, due to my excited state. She saw me staring at her feet and raised one of them, in that lovely high-heel sandal, all the way up to my face, and gently rubbed her bare toes on my cheek for a second or two. "Could you worship my feet like that?" she inquired in a very sexy tone. "Oh, yes." I replied as I slid off the couch to sit on the floor next to her beautiful feet.

She raised one of her feet to my lips. I held it in my hand and kissed it passionately. It had a wonderful, perfumed smell. I started on the top, running my tongue up and down the length of it from the shoe strap around her ankle to the one across the top of her toes. There was nothing between those two thin straps to impede my licking tongue. Such practical shoes for foot worshipping. After a few minutes, my darting tongue moved to her in-step. The skimpy sandals had no sides to cover her beautiful arch, allowing my tongue full access. I pressed the tip of it between her sole and the sole of the shoe, and passionately savored her arch. I looked up at her face. She smiled and then chuckled a little. "What is so funny," I said, a little put off by her laughter. "Nothing is funny. I just like watching you do that," she said. So, I continued, moving my attention to her toes. The toe strap was narrow enough to allow my tongue to probing deep into her toe cleavage, which I did with passion. Helen leaned back on the couch, making herself more comfortable, and raised the other foot to my face. "Do the other one now," she said in a slight demanding tone. I gave this foot the same attention I had given to the first. After a few minutes of this, she put her foot in the middle of my chest and gently pushed me away. She looked down at my pants, which now exhibited a massive bulge. "You really do like feet, don't you," she said. "I love them," I replied honestly. She kept staring at the bulge in my pants. "you can remove you clothes, but you must make a promise, NO SEX." She said. I would promise almost anything now. "I promise," I said as began unbuckling my belt. I removed my pants and sat on the floor in my shirt and briefs. She looked at my bulge again, for a few seconds, which was much more obvious through my briefs, then leaned back on the couch, and stretched out her legs with her feet on the floor in front of her. I moved the coffee table out of the way to give me more room, and laid on my stomach with my face over her feet, and continued worshipping them with my lips and tongue. I was getting so excited; I could feel my cock throbbing under me. Her exposed toes really turned me on. I shoved my tongue into the toe hole of her sandal and licked the underside of her toes, passionately. Most women, I have discovered, are sensitive there, and like that area being licked. The little sounds of enjoyment emanated from her indicated that she did, also. I concentrated on that spot for some time. The large toe hole in her sandal made it easy for my tongue to reach most of the underside of her toes. Whenever I looked up, she was watching me intensely, confirming that a big part of the turn on for her was seeing me worship her feet. "Take my shoe off," she instructed. Her tone was getting more dominating. I complied, and remove one of her sandals. As I started to undo the strap of the other one, she stopped me, saying "Only one!" The increasing dominant tone disturbed my a little. People often associate foot fetish with a desire to be dominated, but I never had that desire. I was and am not the submissive type. I wanted to tell her that I did not like being put in a submissive role, but when I looked at her completely bare foot, the feelings of protest vanished. I pressed my tongue between each of her toes and licked wildly. I admired the naked beauty of her bare foot and the seductive sensuality of her still shoed one together. I alternated my attentions between them, savoring her toes of her bare foot in my mouth, and then licking the shoed one between the shoe and her arch. I was ecstatic!

"Sit up!" she demanded in that disturbing tone. It bothered me a little, but I complied. "I want you completely naked. Take off the rest of your clothes, but remember, NO SEX. OK?" I agreed and removed my shirt and briefs. "The socks, too," she insisted. I removed the last of my clothing and sat before her in full nakedness. She took a long look at my swollen cock, smiling with satisfaction. Except for the one shoe, she was fully clothed. The scenario of me, sitting at her feet, naked, with her above me, fully clothed, made me feel uncomfortably submissive, but at the same time, I was greatly aroused. I had never been in this situation before. "Lay on your back in front of the couch," she instructed. I obeyed. She began rubbing her naked foot over my chest, stimulating my nipples with her toes. Her toes then found their way to my face and began tracing down my cheek, under my chin, and finally rested over my lips. "Lick my toes," she requested, which I did with enthusiasm. My tongue pressed into the underside of her toes, and I licked them with passion. I put several toes in my mouth at once a suck them wildly. I was so delirious with lust, my cock engorged with desire. I held her bare foot with my hands, and licked all over the ball and soles. Suddenly I felt something pressing on my balls; it was her other foot, still in the sandal. She had put her foot under my balls and was flexing her ankle, causing the tops of her toes to press my balls upwards. She would alternately press and release, press and release, causing waves of blissful passion to surge though my loins. I continued licking her soles and sucking the toes of her bare foot, while she manipulated my balls with the other one. I looked up at her and saw that she was still watching my every move and every reaction.

She placed the stiletto-like heel of her sandal at the base of my cock and press in just enough to send a twinge through my loins, but not enough to be painful. Nevertheless, I felt this was the time to put a halt to her dominance before it got out of hand. I push her shoed foot away with my hand. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to play with you a little," she said assuringly. "I'm not into S&M," I told her. "Neither am I," she said. "OK, but just be careful," I warned her, as I laid back down on the floor in front of her. The sharp heel of her sandal returned to the base of my throbbing cock. She rested her bare foot on my abdomen, holding my erect cock with her toes so it stood, more or less, straight up, while she traced her spiked heel slowly up the underside from the base to the head and back down. This unique sensation sent chills through me and heightened my arousal tremendously. She continued running the sharp heel up and down the underside of my dick, occasional poking my balls ever so slightly. She was very careful not to hurt me, and I began to gain confidence that I would be relatively safe in her care. The excitement I derived from her feet made me somewhat accept (or, at least, tolerate) the uncomfort of my submissive role. She was satisfying my need for feet, and I was satisfying her need for dominance. An equitable arrangement, I told myself, trying to rationalize my submissive position.

Next, she pushed my cock between her shoe and the sole of her foot. It entered from the outside of her foot and the head poked out under her arch. She had to loosen the straps of her sandals for it to fit comfortably. She held my still-erect manhood between the soles of her feet and her shoe, while she rubbed the sole of her bare foot over my swollen cock head. Occasional she would squeeze the head with her toes. All of this was sending me swooning. She brought her bare foot back to my face, positioned her toes just over my lips. "Lick my toes," she demanded. I did, and could taste my pre-cum fluid that her toes had picked up while manipulating the head of my cock. The taste of it excited me even more, making me lick and suck her toes with more vigor. She seemed surprised at my reaction. "Oh, you like to taste your juices from my toes, do you?" she announced. "You are going to taste a lot more before we are done." I said nothing, but her statement aroused me. I always loved tasting my juices from a lady's feet after I had cum all over them, but she didn't know that, yet.

We had been at this for over an hour, and I had hit peaks of arousal several times. I needed release. I told her that I couldn't take this much longer; I needed satisfaction. "You will get satisfaction when I am ready," she said in that dominant tone of hers. She removed her other shoe, placed the soles of her feet on both sides of my cock, and began slowly stroking its length, from the tip to the base. "Do you have any lotion?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. "Go get it," she demanded. It felt good to get up. I had been lying on my back on the floor for an hour and needed to change positions. I got the lotion from the bathroom and returned handing it to her. "Lay back down on the floor," she said. "The hard floor is killing my back, can we move to the bed?" I asked. "No," she said firmly. She got up from the couch. "Can you put the sofa cushions on the floor and lay on them?" she asked. It sounded like an acceptable compromise, so I put both sofa cushions on the floor in front of the chair. "You can sit in the chair," I said. It was a large, overstuffed chair that was as comfortable as the couch. She agreed, and sat there, while I proceeded to lay my back on the cushions. She put several drops of lotion on my cock, and smeared it all over it with her toes. She then put her feet together began stroking my cock between her arches, sliding them up to the head and down to the base. When she slid down the to base, her foot on the underside of my cock pressed my balls, tightly. My excitement was peaking, again. When would she let me release all of this tension in blissful climax. She teased the head of my cock with her wiggling toes, and then brought her toes to my mouth, demanding that I lick my pre-cum juices from them. I loved every minute of it.

Two hours had past since we started our foot play. I had never be so excited for so long in my life. How much longer can I stand this! I was so excited, but I couldn't cum. Then, she said, "Would you like to release you tensions all over my feet, now." Just the thought of cumming on her beautiful feet excited me. "Oh, please, yes!" I exclaimed. "Soon," she promised. "We can go to the bedroom, but remember, no sex! You can't touch me above the knees." She warned. No problem! I agreed, and we went to the bedroom, for what I hoped would be, completion.

I had a king size bad, with plenty of playing room. According to her instructions, I sat in the center of the bed with my back resting against the headboard. She spread my legs and sat between them. She put more lotion on my cock, and start jerking it between her arches as she had before. My excitement began to increase once again. She, then placed the toes of each foot on opposite sides of my cock and stroked it from head to base, while she gripped it firmly with her toes. This was driving my crazy, and I thrust my hips madly to increase the stimulation of her toes on my cock. After a few titillating minutes of this, she laid both feet flat, side by side with the soles down, and slipped them under my balls. Then, she put some more lotion on my throbbing dick, and began stroking me with her hand. She slid her hand along the full length on my manhood, from the head to the base, up and down, up and down. Soon, I felt something stimulating my balls. It was her wiggling toes under my scrotum. As her hand jerked the full length on my cock, her toes were wiggling madly under my balls driving me absolutely insane. I was still fully erect and charged with erotic passion after over two hours of almost constant stimulation. Incredible! I was beginning to reach that point of no return. My excitement peaked beyond my wildest fantasies. This woman was an expert at what she was doing. She opened my legs even wider, and separated her knees so she could put the soles of her feet together. This is an excellent position to make love to a lady's feet between her arches, but that is not what Helen had in mind, and she was the boss, now. She tightly grasped my balls between the toes of both feet and continued stroking my shaft with her hand. He toes gripped my balls just enough to make them ache slightly without serious pain. As she stroked me with her hand, her wiggling toes massaged my aching testicles. I could feel my balls shift back and forth in my scrotum as she expertly manipulated them with toes. This was going to get me off! I had been waiting for this for what seemed like an eternity. She speeded up the rhythm of her hand as well as the wiggling of her toes around my balls. I was going to cum any second now. Her hand jerked my pulsating cock wildly, while her madly wiggling toes massaged my aching nuts almost to the point of pain. One of the strongest orgasmic spasms that I have ever had hit me with such intensity that my eyes watered. The first surge of semen shot three feet in the air and landed on her leg. The spasm caused my balls to ache even more, but in a way that intensified the pleasure. For the first time I understood the true meaning of the saying, "There is a fine line between pain and pleasure." She removed her hand and began stroking my spurting cock between her arches when the next convulsion came. Cum spurted on her soles and insteps, and she kept pumping my cock with her feet. Though she was no longer squeezing my balls with her toes, they continued to ache. A third stream of sperm erupted just as she had clamped her wiggling toes around my throbbing cock head, soaking them. She kept pumping me with her toes, tightly gripping the head of my manhood. I thought that was the last of it, but another wave hit shooting even more cum onto her toes, and she kept stroking me. I couldn't take any more. I felt like I would pass out. One more small spasm sent another drop or two of my cream onto her toes. She was still pumping my dick, but much more slowly, milking the very last drop from it. She kept massaging my cock with her feet until my spent manhood shrank to its normal size. She looked at me and smiled, saying "Did you like that?" That was a dumb question after seeing me thrash around like a madman, squirting gallons of cum, but I said affectionately, "I loved it." "You are not done yet," she said as she raised one of her cum-soak feet to my face. "Kiss my feet like you did earlier." She did not have to ask. I love doing that anyway, but I would feed her fantasy by letting her think she forced me into it. I faked a little protest at first. When she insisted, I lightly kissed the top of it at first. Then I gently sucked a cum-covered toe or two. After a minute or so I was licking and sucking her semen-soaked feet with relish. I laid on my stomach, with both of feet in front of my face, and sucked and licked all of the cum from her toes and arches. This was making me excited all over again, but my body was to exhaust for any more fun that night. I needed a week to recover.

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