A older couple I know called me last week and invited me to come visit them at their beach house down in Florida. With my vacation scheduled to come up in a couple of weeks and no real plans, I eagerly took them up on their offer! I had not seen the ocean in probably 20 years and the fact that the Nelson’s lived not only on the beach, but on a private stretch of beach was just too good to pass up.

I booked a flight down to Florida and I was soon on my way down to meet the Nelsons as soon as my flight arrived. The plane landed at 1 PM right on schedule and as I entered the airline terminal I was greeted by Jack and Betty Nelson. They had not changed a bit since I last saw them before they moved to Florida last year. Jack and Betty were about 55 years old and as vibrant as ever. Betty yelled, “Hey, Bob! Over here!”. We all gave each other a big hug and chatted away trying to catch up on what had all been going on in our lives since we last seen each other.

The trip to the Nelson’s beach house was about an hour’s drive from the airport but the time went by quickly as we continued to catch up on all the gossip surrounding people we knew. Jack was looking healthier than ever with his deep tan glowing against his still full head of blonde hair. Betty was looking none the less for wear as well with her long brown hair highlighted by the intense Florida sun.

“You look great, Bob!”, commented Betty.

“Yeah... looks like you have been living right!”, chimed in Jack

“Thanks!”, I responded.

“You have the look of someone who has been getting a little!”, commented Jack

Betty hit Jack on the arm playfully then point blank asked me, “So, Bob, how is your sex live these days? I bet you have women swarming all over your little body!”

Blushing a bit, I replied, “Well... I have been blessed with a few fantastic relationships.”

“Ah, you kinky bastard... you still into that feet thing?”, inquired Jack.

“Of course!”, I replied.

“Check out Betty’s toes!”, Jack said.

I looked down to see Betty’s fantastically bare feet with her toe nails painted a delicate pink.

“Don’t get any ideas!”, Jack laughing said. “You know Betty’s pegs are all mine!”

“I know, Jack!”, I replied.

“Besides, since we live on a private stretch of beach there will be a lot of opportunities for you to discover and explore the local scenery... if you catch my drift!”, commented Jack.

“I can’t hardly wait!”, I replied.

Arriving at Jack and Betty’s house we quickly moved my stuff inside and I got my first look at how well Jack and Betty had been living over the past year.

Jack and Betty’s beach house was nothing short of fantastic! It was a two story house with a large deck that overlooked the ocean. The private beach front properties stretched for a couple of miles in either direction from their house. “You better be careful Sport!”, Jack said, “ There are a lot of lonely, horny woman out on that beach and you know clothing is optional out here!”.

“I think I died and went to heaven!”, I commented as I looked out their back window at the panoramic view of the ocean.

We spent the next few hours in continued chat about jobs, money, and relationships I had over the past year. Betty fixed a fantastic supper of boiled fresh shrimp, vegetable laden rice, and accompanied by a couple of bottles of a really nice white wine that I didn’t think to ask what it was named. I had a full stomach and a really nice warm wine buzz going when Jack suggested I go check out the beach on my own.

“Don’t get lost, Bob!”, Betty laughingly commented.

“Yeah... be careful, Bob!”, Jack laughed.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer to go check out the beach”, I replied.

I was about to head out the back door when Betty stopped me with a question. “You aren’t going out there like THAT, are you?”

“Like what?”, I innocently replied.

“Dressed!”, Betty replied.

“Yeah, really!”, Bob added then continued, “Remember, Bob... this is private beach property... clothing is not only optional, but hardly worn on this stretch of beach!”

Maybe it was my wine buzz, but I could feel a rush run throughout my body at the thought of not only getting naked but getting naked and checking out the wonderful ocean that lay just outside the back of the beach house.

Without hesitation I stripped out of my clothes as Betty and Jack both said, “That’s it, Bob... experience the beach like we all do down here!”

I walked out their back door and onto their deck overlooking the ocean naked as can be. There was several hours of light still left and the evening sun felt wonderful against my naked skin. I took in a long, slow breath of sea air and I have to admit I never felt more alive!

Walking down the wooden steps from their deck down to the sandy beach was nothing short of wonderful! I could feel the warm Florida sun beating down upon my naked flesh and I could feel the sun warmed white sand beneath my bare feet. I ran directly out to the shore line where I plunged into the cool water of the sea. I laid back on the wet sand as the gentle waves swept over my naked body. I waded out into the ocean until the water was waist deep and then dove in and swam a little way out into the gentle waves. The cool water felt wonderful and very erotic.

Walking back onto the sun warmed beach, I decided to head down the beach to explore the new surroundings. The beach was dotted with white beach houses. All of them looked like something out of a movie. Most were nothing short of mansions built on beach to allow the residents a view of the ocean that many only dream of.

I had walked quite a way up the beach when I noticed a solitary figure laying on beach towel far in the distance. Indeed, it was the only person I had noticed since I began my walk along the beach. As I got closer I noticed that the person laying on the beach towel was a woman. She was laying on her stomach and I noticed that like me, she too was naked. Apparently, Jack and Betty were correct that clothing was rare on this beach!

As I walked to within 50 feet of the naked woman, I began to check her out. She was completely naked. Her firm naked ass cheeks were pointing heavenward and her bare wrinkled soles were also directed up at the sky. As I got within 25 feet or so of her she noticed my approach. She smiled at me from her prone position. I smiled back and said a courteous “hello”.

“Hi!”, she replied as I drew ever closer.

“I like you bathing suit!”, she commented as I walked up beside her.

“Yours is quite nice as well!”, I replied.

I must be living some kind of dream, I could hear the voice inside my head comment. Before me lay this fantastically naked woman... all alone and wanting to talk to me!

Her naked body was firm and well tanned. My eyes scanned her from head to naked toes. My eyes became fixed on her upturned naked soles. I had never seen feet that looks so perfectly wrinkled and soft! She had really long reddish hair that was highlighted by the sun to a warm rich red color. Her soft shoulders were dotted by light brown freckles and she looked to be about 40.

“So, what is your name?”, asked the naked beauty that lay before me.

“Bob”, I replied... “And what is yours?”

“Alicia”, she replied, then continued, “Hi, Bob!”

“Could you do me a really big favor?”, inquired Alicia.

Without knowing what she was going to ask, I replied, “Sure!”.

“Would you be a darling and rub some suntan lotion on my front for me?”, Alicia asked.

My mind was racing and I squeaked out, “Of course!”.

Alicia rolled over onto her back on her white beach towel and handed me a bottle of suntan lotion. Alicia’s firm breasts looked up at me. Her firm nipples pointed skyward and her red pubic hair confirmed she was a true redhead! Alicia’s green eyes scanned me from head to naked toe and her eyes were fixed upon my manhood which I could feel was growing larger. I knelt down beside Alicia as her eyes were transfixed upon my ever expanding manhood.

I opened the bottle of suntan lotion and squirted a liberal amount onto Alicia’s firm stomach. As my right hand began to spread the sun warmed lotion onto Alicia’s stomach I could feel my cock beginning to reach the level of a raging hard on. Alicia didn’t say a word but I could feel her eyes fixed upon my now throbbing cock.

I slowly and carefully began to spread lotion over Alicia’s warm naked flesh. My hands ran carefully over Alicia’s firm breasts. I could feel her nipples becoming hard as I gently massaged in the suntan lotion. I oiled her shoulders and then started down her firm stomach. Alicia moaned just a little as my hands reached the area above her red pubic hair. As my hands began to slide onto Alicia’s upper thighs I heard her sigh in a most sexual way. I tried to ignore it, but I could tell that Alicia was getting as aroused as I was. My hands made their way down her legs to her ankles. I shifted my position so that I was now at her sensual feet. Gently, I took each foot and began to apply liberal amounts of suntan lotion. Her feet were as fantastic as the rest of her body. I slowly and carefully began to massage Alicia’s beautiful feet. As I worked the suntan lotion between each and every toe, Alicia moaned slightly and spread her legs more widely apart. I could see the pink lips of her womanhood as I continued to massage her fantastic bare feet. My cock was now throbbing with excitement and Alicia looked down to see my swollen manhood just inches from her naked soles.

I wanted to run my hard, hobbling cock between her wonderful toes. I wanted to feel her well lubricated wrinkled soles stroking the length of my throbbing cock. I was getting VERY aroused and Alicia apparently was also.

“Why don’t you lay here beside me?”, Alicia commented and then said, “I can lotion you up if you like.”

“Ok!”, I said as I lay on my back next the naked beauty.

Alicia smiled and rose to her knees. Her well lotioned front faced me and her breasts glistened in the evening Florida sun. Alicia squirted a health amount of the warm lotion onto my chest and her talented hands began to rub the lotion onto my chest, up to my neck, and then her hands began to slowly travel down onto my lower stomach. Her hands and fingers circled my navel and the her hands traveled downward to my pubic hair. Alicia smiled and then threw her legs over mine to straddle my legs. Alicia’s hands traveled down onto my upper thighs. My rock hard manhood was standing upright and Alicia said, “Oh... we don’t want this to get sunburned, do we?”

Before I could answer, Alicia had filled her hands with the sun warmed suntan lotion and I could feel her fingers encircle my throbbing manhood. Alicia purred as she began to slowly apply the warm lotion to my hardened cock. Alicia shifted her position slightly and I could feel her warm wet womanhood pressing into my right thigh muscle. Alicia began to slowly ride my well oiled thigh as her hands encircled my cock sliding slowly up and down it’s length. Her hands spread the warm oil onto my balls as she continued to slowly ride my leg.

I reached up instinctively and began to massage Alicia’s firm breasts. “Ohhh.. she purred!”.

“I didn’t think a young guy like you would want a woman my age!”, Alicia commented.

“How old are you?”, I asked curiously.

“I am 55... I bet you aren’t much over 30”, Alicia commented as her hands continued to massage my hardened manhood.

“I am 32”, I answered as I marveled at how wonderful a 55 year old woman could look.

Alicia continued, “You seemed to spend an awful lot of time on my feet.”, she commented. “I love men who adore my feet!”. “I love to have my feet licked and pampered!”, Alicia said as she gently stroked my throbbing cock.

I could feel a flood of warm woman juices flowing onto my thigh as Alicia became evermore excited.

I shifted positions a bit so my back was on Alicia’s towel. Alicia leaned forward, her oily breasts gently pressing into my bare chest. Her lips met mine and we passionately began to kiss. Alicia moaned as another flood of warmth began to run down my leg from her excited womanhood.

“I want to feel your throbbing cock deep within me while you lick my sandy soles!”, Alicia cried.

Without hesitation Alicia lay back upon her hands and brought her hot, wet womanhood directly up to my balls. Alicia took my still throbbing well oiled cock into her hands and began to slide it into her hot, wet interior. My cock was bent forward and downward and it slid easily into her hot tunnel of love. Alicia moaned as I entered her and she brought her slightly sandy soles onto my naked chest. Her feet felt as hot as her interior as she brought her wrinkled soles up to my wanton lips. I began to furiously lick the soles of her feet as I began to sink my tool deep within her. I ran my tongue between each and every toes of both her feet as we began to meet each other’s lustful thrusts. Alicia’s hot juices ran down onto my balls as I began to suck her toes.

Alicia began to cum almost immediately as my hot tongue lapped and licked her beautiful bare feet. Alicia screamed in pleasure as she crested her first wave of orgasmic delight. I pounded her ever harder as I continued to suckle her toes. My tongue tickled the bottoms of her wrinkled soles as she began to cum again and again. As her body shook from orgasmic delight I pulled my rod of steel from her soft pink womanhood and guided her feet down to my slippery shaft.

Alicia fingered herself wildly as the soles of her feet encircled my throbbing shaft. I ran my cock between each of her toes as she orgasmed with each thrust of my hardened manhood. I was reaching the point of no return. I could feel my balls tighten as my cock slide up and down Alicia’s oiled and slightly sandy soles. With a loud moan I began to explode between the toes of Alicia’s right foot. My cum exploded between her toes and rolled down between them and onto the sole of her right foot. The feel of my hot cum between her toes drove Alicia into an intense orgasm and she moaned loudly as her body convulsed.

Again and again I erupted trying to coat every inch of Alicia’s feet with my hot white love. As the last drop of hot cum exploded onto Alicia’s feet I reached down and brought her cum drenched feet up to my lips. I slowly began to lick Alicia’s feet clean as she once again began to cum even harder than ever. I licked and suckled every inch of her feet... between each and every toes and slowly up and down each of Alicia’s wonderful soles.

Alicia seeming came at every touch of my tongue upon her feet and finally we both fell back relishing the wonderful feeling that filled us both.

Alicia lay down beside me and threw her right arm across my chest. She pulled herself close to my side and rested her head upon my chest. “Not bad, for an old woman, huh?”, Alicia inquired.

“Old?”, I shot back, “ You may be 55 but you are 21 to me!”.

Alicia smiled and said, “How long you going to be around here”.

“Two weeks before I have to head back!”, I replied.

“Oooh.. good... you wouldn’t mind spending your two weeks here with me... would you?, Alicia asked.

“Only if you want me too!”, I replied with a smile.

I returned back to Jack and Betty’s house to see them both naked and waiting for me on their deck. They both smiled a knowing grin. “Looks like you met Alicia”, Jack said with a smile... “I was hoping you two would meet!”.

I could only nod in agreement and the next two weeks I spent as much time with Alicia as I could. We made enough wild love to drive a person mad! I licked Alicia’s feet almost raw every time we made love and she loved every minute of it!

I can’t wait until next year’s vacation... Betty and Jack said I just HAD to come back next year. I agree!

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