Feature Model Requirements

1) Female Foot Models, 18 years of age and older, interested in being featured here at Wu's Feet Links (WFL) should contact us at wufeet@wusfeetlinks.com.

2) At least 30 photos are required.

3) Feature photos must be exclusive to WFL. They may later be posted on the Feature Model's site but only AFTER they have apeared at WFL. Posting the photos on any other site at any time, besides the aforementioned sites, is prohibited.

4) When submiting feature photos, please include following info:
         a. Your Email Address
         b. Your Shoe Size
         c. Your Web Site URL (If you have one)
         d. What Is Your Favorite Nail Polish Color?
         e. What Is Your Favorite Type of Shoes?
         f. What Is Your Favorite Foot Fetish Activity?
         g. What Part Of Your Foot Do You Think Is The Sexiest?